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Meet The Team

Lic. Esthetician
Cosmetic Permanent Makeup Artist

 Wendy Mondragon 

    Lic. Esthetician & Cosmetic Permanent Makeup Artist.


"It has been my long-time dream to start a career in the beauty industry. I worked as a Dental Assistant for over 15 years and eventually became an office manager. However, I decided to take a break from the dental industry after having my second child. After three years, I decided to pursue my passion for beauty.


I got interested in permanent makeup because of a bad experience I had with microblade eyebrows. I had to get my eyebrows redone by a different artist years later and the experience was amazing. I didn't want anyone else to go through a similar bad experience, so I decided to become a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist.


I also decided to go to Esthetician school, which has been my dream since 2010. Esthetics is not just about skincare, but also includes waxing, lashes, and machines. I'm excited to integrate skincare into my business, Innovative Beauty Designs.


At Innovative Beauty Designs, we schedule all services by appointment to ensure personalized attention and exceptional service for our clients. Our top priority is to provide customized beauty products using the latest technology and follow up with our clients to ensure their satisfaction. We also maintain a clean and safe environment by regularly disinfecting and sanitizing our equipment and workspace.


If you are a new client and are unsure which service to book, we recommend scheduling a consultation with us so that we can recommend the best service for your needs. We always strive to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have.


We look forward to meeting you soon or welcoming you back to our studio!"

"Your Estie-Bestie Wendy"

Tools in the treatment room
Having my tools for the skin magic
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